sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010

The Organization is a non lucato never received any encouragement from governments
To continue your work needs your help deposit any amount in the account payee bank Grupo Ecologico guardians Green Banco Bradesco Agencia 237 2179 Account 24397-3 count on your support and encouragement for continuing this work we will forward the portfolio of the NGO Environmental Agent Certificate
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The Strongest Non-Governmental Organization in Brazil with more than four thousand members across the country

The NGO began its work in the park macambira Faiçalville sector in Goiania Brazil Major actions that we're doing in 12 years in the defense of the fauna and flora
More than 500 000 seedlings of native trees and fruit trees were planted, but 500 children and adolescents participated in the work of preservation, and defense of the Meia Ponte River, Lectures in hundreds of schools, hundreds of complains and demonstrations in defense of the environment.

Non Governmental Organization - Guardians of Green

Guardians of Green NGOs campaigning against the trampling and death of wild animals on roads in partnership with the Federal Highway Police and Military Police Bus Station.